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About Us

Blue Pencil Media Ltd , trading as BluePencilSet is a publishing, media finance, and production Company, and was established in 2011 by two brothers, Stuart and Julian Wilkins whose respective careers in international banking and media law and long family history within the media industry have helped shape the company, and its values.

Based at Pinewood Studios they have two main business objectives:-

- As creator and publisher of a new quarterly magazine called Blue Pencil launching in May 2012 to coincide with Cannes Festival. It focusses on explanation, comment and training on legal and commercial issues relevant to the creative industries. The magazine will also carry interesting and thought-provoking feature articles. Blue Pencil will be available to the creative industries and for those interested in the creative industries. It is also available for subscription on the website

- To help finance independent film and television productions, some of which will be their own projects, by direct investment, or through the media funds which are scheduled for launch during 2012. The investment opportunity in the funds are aimed at high net worth individuals, and will marketed in a number of key jurisdictions notably in the UK and Switzerland, where strong connections have been developed. In the past year, strong links have been nurtured within the industry with partners who demonstrate the same professionalism and core values of the founders.

In time their aim is to develop a series of businesses under the brand name of BluePencilSet which compliment each other and are specifically aimed as supporting the creative industries.

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