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Blue Pencil at 100% Design

100Design DebateBlue Pencil was at the exciting design show 100% Design currently on at Earl’s Court.

We shared a stand with Creative Barcode on 18th September the opening day of the show. Member Law firms of Creative Barcode’s IP Innovation fund ran a free legal clinic for designers wanting to know more about how to protect their IP rights.

Creative Barcode members were available to explain how their system works to provide a clear and traceable record as to the IP ownership of original material.

We had the great pleasure of meeting the Prime Minster’s newly appointed Intellectual Property Advisor Mike Weatherley, Conservative MP for Hove and Portslade. Mike has a strong IP background including being Vice President (Europe) the Motion Picture Licensing Company and previously worked for music industry’s renowned Pete Waterman. Mike is taking a very keen interest in the activities of Creative Barcode.

During the afternoon, there was a lively debate chaired by Dr Ben Williams of IP Quest about whether the proposed new criminal sanctions for design infringement under the Intellectual Property Bill will stifle design and creativity. The participants included Blue Pencil’s Julian Wilkins, Maxine Horn of Creative Barcode, Robert Macginn of Silverman Sherliker LLP solicitors, Joanne Frears of Jeffrey Green Russell, Phoebe Fuller of Sanderson and Co and Christi Mitchell of Highbury Ltd.

Opinions were divided with some seeing criminal sanctions being a deterrent against serial counterfeiters, whilst others saw the potential defences in the proposed Bill providing sufficient loop holes for large commercial concerns with deep pockets and smart lawyers.

Others thought that there should be a retrospective licensing whereby copiers are enforced to give acknowledgement to designers and payment royalties. One thing that was agreed is that much design and creativity is influenced by previous work, and creators must not feel restricted in their design work.

IPDay 100Design 


100 logo 3100% Design is officially the UK's largest design trade event and the commercial cornerstone of the annual London Design Festival.


Held at the Earls Court Exhibition Centre in London, this year's event takes place on 18-21 September.The 20,000 sq.m show, which provides a focus on four key industry sectors, establishes a launch pad for new brands and is expected to attract over 30,000 visitors in 2013, dominated by architects, interior designers, and a host of international visitors.

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CB logo stripes strap RIn just over two years, Creative Barcode has attracted thousands of users from more than 29 countries and has gained the endorsement of the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO).
The CB system has never been breached.
Creative Barcode comprises a digital App (not mobile), QR code-based identifiers, a database-driven portal, a file transfer facility and a Trust Charter and Transfer of Ownership facility. The App enables users to generate their unique QR codes embedded with their ownership Meta Data and contact details, where applicable, plus other formal registrations and licensing information.

Uniquely a QR code can be edited to simultaneously update every item it has formerly been applied to, whether online or in print. Thus, if an item of work and its IP is sold outright it only takes 3 minutes to change ownership details and simultaneously apply worldwide.

Creative Barcode is a trusted brand.  Its digital and visible IP system has removed a great deal of the IP complexity from early stage concept disclosure. Online, internet users can easily recognise 'Rights Reserved' or 'Free-Use' terms associated with the creative work and can swiftly contact the creator to gain permission to use, to license, to purchase or to commission original works.

Creative Barcode trust charter operates to three key principles - Etiquette (ask permission), Trust (don't rip me off), Ethics (do the right thing).

The principles are easy to abide by and hence the Creative Barcode system has built a substantial international framework around trust and ethics all supported by the WIPO's mediation service.

If you Value it, Barcode it

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