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Update IP BillThe Intellectual Property Bill has had its third reading in the House of Lords on the 30th July 2013, and has now transferred to the House of Commons where it is currently awaiting a date to be allocated for its First Reading.

Amongst its provisions includes clause 13 which if the Bill receives Royal Assent will see the amendment to clause 35 of the Registered Designs Act 1949 whereby an criminal offence will occur if a person whilst in the course of business copies a registered design so as to make a product exactly or substantially the same to the registered design. In order for an offence to have been committed it will be necessary to prove that the alleged offender knew or had reason to believe that the design was a registered design, and that the copying was without the consent of the registered proprietor of the design.

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58 CADThe Next Industrial Revolution?

Has 3D Printing and mass customisation become the next big thing in manufacturing and the Creative Industries?

Additive Manufacturing sounds like a process where the product is supplemented by E numbers. Additive Manufacturing is nothing about making hyper active products that go on the naughty step. Additive Manufacturing or 3D Manufacturing is the next major step in manufacturing processes.

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49 ChinaChina is the World's second largest economy and the rate of development shows no significant sign of abating. China has been caricatured as the place where designs and innovation are copied and that Intellectual Rights holders are at risk of being abused and exploited.

According to the latest World Intellectual Property (WIPO) data China saw a 33.4% growth in International Patents Applications, placing it into fourth place in the rankings behind USA, Japan and Germany in terms of applications. The United Kingdom is in seventh place, and its number of patent applications fell by 1%. The Company with the most application is China's ZTE Corporation overtaking Japan's Panasonic. ZTE is a global telecommunications company. However, not one registered United Kingdom company appears in the top 100 list of patent registration applicants.

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46 MarkMark Adams: The Man Behind Opel's Award Winning Ampera.

Recently, General Motors European Division, Opel, won the coveted European Car of the Year for its ground breaking Opel Ampera (marketed in the United Kingdom as Vauxhall). BluePencil caught up with Mark Adams GM Europe Vice President of Design to discuss the philosophy behind the Ampera and the effect of modern day regulation on the look and efficiency of the cars the public drive.

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