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USPatentUS President Obama too a major step in modifying US Patent Law when on 16 September 2011 he signed off on the America Invents Act, and confusingly also known as Patents Reform Act 2011, thus taking steps to harmonise with European patent law.

Previously US patent law was quite distinct from its European counterpart but the changes  particularly in respect of defining whether an invention is deemed novel enough to merit patent status.

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globalinnovation3The Press is dominated by the ups and downs of the World Stocks Exchanges and whether continuing falls in share prices mark future recession or sluggish growth. Understanding the stock exchange is something of a black science, and at times influenced by irrational factors such as fear, greed or who is winning the cricket.

The share prices reflected on a stock market are meant to be a barometer of a country’s economic performance and confidence in the economy.

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keepcalm3Whether it is on tea towels, mugs, posters the ubiquitous slogan “Keep Calm and carry On” has become a decorative feature of many homes and desks.

The wartime slogan has been trademarked by business man Mark Coop in order to prevent other using the words and the accompanying George VI slogan. Mr Coop has obtained a European trademark stopping other using the familiar words.

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