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62 StarWarsInternational variations in copyright time limits have led the Supreme Court Finding Against George Lucas in the UK

Mr Andrew Ainsworth made 50 helmets for the first Star Wars film, and subsequently using his original tools made the helmets and armour for sale to the public. The United Kingdom's relatively new top court, The Supreme Court, issued judgment in the case of Lucas Films, makers of the Star War films, and others against Andrew Ainsworth and others on the 27 July 2011, with the wisdom and might of Obi Wan Kenobi.

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53 ParlimentOn the 18th April 2012, the Westminster Media Forum held its Keynote seminar entitled The UK Film Industry. The event was chaired by the Rt Hon Kevin Barron MP, Chair, All-Party Parliamentary Film Industry Group and also Lord Evans of Temple Guiting, former Vice-Chairman of the British Film Institute.

The Seminar considered a number of issues, including the new movie market taking into account the move from 35mm film to digital, the overall state of the UK film industry and considering the development of UK FILM as a brand. Other matters considered included whether enough was being undertaken to secure the future of the British film industry through sufficient training and apprenticeship.

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52 KingsSpeechPaul Renney who advised the screenwriter of The King's Speech gives a personal insight into how the screenplay rights were secured.

In 2011 British-American playwright and screenwriter, David Seidler, walked away with a justly deserved Oscar for best screenplay for the independently produced The King's Speech, beating off hot favourite, Columbia Pictures' the Social Network.

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51 MaltaMalta has a proud record of facilitating film production.

The list of credits is long, but includes Clash of the Titans, Raise the Titanic, Troy, Munich and Gladiator. Malta's involvement in film production can be traced back to the 1920s.

Malta is something of an exception to the rule within the European Union by having a buoyant economy, partly helped by having a small population and being very flexible. Apart from tourism, a number of industries and financial services are based in Malta.
Apart from its renowned water tanks at its Mediterranean Film Studios, Malta like many countries recognises the value of film production and as such offers various incentives.

The incentives concern infrastructure and production.

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