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One cannot copyright an idea only the manifestation of an idea, even though the core idea is probably where the real intrinsic value rests.

Whether it is an invention, TV format or piece of music one is very vulnerable when trying to win backers to invest, commission or promote an idea. Many organisations are very honourable, but even so the law books are peppered with cases where disputes have arisen about an organisation being accused of copying an idea but not giving credit to the instigator of the idea. Excuses include our idea is similar, but sufficiently different to suggest it is a different manifestation and therefore no breach of copyright. Another excuse is we were thinking along similar lines when you submitted your idea.

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54 Model

Muses author of The Model's Handbook, Julian Okines
When asked about models having their own union in a recent Times article, Eileen Ford - founder of the reputable Ford Modelling Agency in New York - responded by saying 'I've heard that crud so many times... Models don't need that protection anyway.'

Equity disagrees and that in the UK at least, fashion models can now join a legitimately recognised Trade Union. It's an important step as although employment rules have improved there are still anomalies. However, many working models still veer away from membership and the fashion industry appears to consider being a union member deeply unfashionable...

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Although Egypt is in the midst of political unrest and uncertainty about the momentum of the Arab Spring this has not put a dampener on its quest to develop its intellectual property base.

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www3USA appears to retain control of Internet Assigned Numbers Authority

The management of the Internet domain name system has been gradually become more international and independent from the USA, with the gradual development and evolution of Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). One area where the USA has maintained control has been the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) whose function is to make changes to the Internet such as adding or removing websites.

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