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wipo3The recent Assembly at the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) demonstrated a significant move by a number of emerging countries to enhance their infrastructure to promote and secure intellectual property rights.

In order to ensure economic stability and to reflect the increasing output of intellectual property output, nation states recognised the need to recognise and enforce better protection of IP in their respective countries.

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Could this serve as template for dealing with orphan books?
The EU has seen agreement amongst key stakeholders upon what could be a ground breaking set of rules to deal with out of print books and journals. A Memorandum of Understanding whose signatories include International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organisation , European Federation of journalists, European Writers Council and Conference of European National Librarians.

The Memorandum is considered a first as it deals with out of print publications and involves a broad range of stakeholders.  Previously, there had been issues relating to finding common ground with rights owners or holders but these issues have been overcome.

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