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SirDavidFrostWe often refer to National Treasures, and to a degree this accolade is misplaced or overused, but not in the case of Sir David Frost who sadly died on the 31st August 2013, aged 74 years.

I suspect a significant part of the British population have some association with the work of Sir David whether it was him in 1963 anchoring a tribute on the satirical show The Week that Was the night after President Kennedy was assassinated, the trial by TV confrontation on the Frost programme of fraudster Emil Savundra, the seminal interviews with disgraced US President Richard Nixon, the lighthearted but insightful light entertainment programme Through the Keyhole, being part of the Famous Five at TV AM who brought Roland Rat to our screens, his sofa style interviews on BBC’s Frost on Sunday where behind every “top of the morning” was a insightful question disguised in avuncular camouflage, through to his later time at Al Jazeera English where his work rate ranged from Blair to Bhutta to Gadaffi and Lewis Hamilton.

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