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50 MusicCC Considers IMR role for Copyright Standards.

Earlier this year the Consultative Committee (CC) of the International Music Registry (IMR) has decided to prepare a report entitled, 'Analysis Report on Function Requirements for the International Music Registry'. The IMR purpose is to facilitate faster, easier access to music, sound recording and music videos information, and its licensing in the context of the digital environment by providing a network of reliable information about the music. The IMR is a collaboration of the worldwide music industry, with WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organisation) acting as the facilitator.

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56 Radio

Mark Butcher, one of the founder's of Radio Frontier, based in Switzerland, explains about the growing market for expatriate and transient workers having a local radio station in their own language which help them integrate into their new community; a case of global going local:-

We live in a globalised world - we all know that. It is becoming more and more common for people to move, live and work across the world. What is different these days is that it is becoming very common for people not to consider these moves permanent.
Arguably, a few years ago, when people moved to a new country, certainly if they were taking their family with them, the move would be seen as permanent. In other words, they would be emigrating. Today, professional working families see a move as a positive step in their career. A few years in a certain country can be seen as necessary for career enhancement.

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49 ChinaChina is the World's second largest economy and the rate of development shows no significant sign of abating. China has been caricatured as the place where designs and innovation are copied and that Intellectual Rights holders are at risk of being abused and exploited.

According to the latest World Intellectual Property (WIPO) data China saw a 33.4% growth in International Patents Applications, placing it into fourth place in the rankings behind USA, Japan and Germany in terms of applications. The United Kingdom is in seventh place, and its number of patent applications fell by 1%. The Company with the most application is China's ZTE Corporation overtaking Japan's Panasonic. ZTE is a global telecommunications company. However, not one registered United Kingdom company appears in the top 100 list of patent registration applicants.

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53 ParlimentOn the 18th April 2012, the Westminster Media Forum held its Keynote seminar entitled The UK Film Industry. The event was chaired by the Rt Hon Kevin Barron MP, Chair, All-Party Parliamentary Film Industry Group and also Lord Evans of Temple Guiting, former Vice-Chairman of the British Film Institute.

The Seminar considered a number of issues, including the new movie market taking into account the move from 35mm film to digital, the overall state of the UK film industry and considering the development of UK FILM as a brand. Other matters considered included whether enough was being undertaken to secure the future of the British film industry through sufficient training and apprenticeship.

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51 MaltaMalta has a proud record of facilitating film production.

The list of credits is long, but includes Clash of the Titans, Raise the Titanic, Troy, Munich and Gladiator. Malta's involvement in film production can be traced back to the 1920s.

Malta is something of an exception to the rule within the European Union by having a buoyant economy, partly helped by having a small population and being very flexible. Apart from tourism, a number of industries and financial services are based in Malta.
Apart from its renowned water tanks at its Mediterranean Film Studios, Malta like many countries recognises the value of film production and as such offers various incentives.

The incentives concern infrastructure and production.

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44 BoxerThe global art market is estimated to be worth about 43 billion Euros per annum, but it is prey to forgeries and unauthorised reproduction of art work.

The art market including museums and foundations, is very keen to curb counterfeiting, as its insidious nature could undermine trust in the art market.

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47 ClapperBoardto take the Drama out of Drama.

The current British Government are making great play about the essential role of the creative industries to the economy of Great Britain, and are keen to be seen in encouraging steps to promote the film industry. To date the current tax relief has been confined to British Qualifying feature films.

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55 Brighton

One cannot copyright an idea only the manifestation of an idea, even though the core idea is probably where the real intrinsic value rests.

Whether it is an invention, TV format or piece of music one is very vulnerable when trying to win backers to invest, commission or promote an idea. Many organisations are very honourable, but even so the law books are peppered with cases where disputes have arisen about an organisation being accused of copying an idea but not giving credit to the instigator of the idea. Excuses include our idea is similar, but sufficiently different to suggest it is a different manifestation and therefore no breach of copyright. Another excuse is we were thinking along similar lines when you submitted your idea.

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58 CADThe Next Industrial Revolution?

Has 3D Printing and mass customisation become the next big thing in manufacturing and the Creative Industries?

Additive Manufacturing sounds like a process where the product is supplemented by E numbers. Additive Manufacturing is nothing about making hyper active products that go on the naughty step. Additive Manufacturing or 3D Manufacturing is the next major step in manufacturing processes.

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64 IvanChandlerIn tune with Ivan Chandler of Musicalities.

Music is everywhere and apart from the traditional methods such as radio, television, film, home and in-car stereo systems, we can listen via YouTube, mobile phones, iPods, iPads, iTunes, Mp3 players and websites including Spotify, Jango and Grooveshark.

Given the omnipresence of music people assume, often as a result of 'free' downloads sites, that music is 'free'. Music is free to listen to, but it is not free to use.

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