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cad_car3Has mass customization become the next big thing in manufacturing?

Additive Manufacturing sounds like a process where the product is supplemented by e numbers. Additive Manufacturing is nothing about making hyper active products that go on the naughty step. Additive Manufacturing or 3D Manufacturing is the next major step in manufacturing processes.

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cliffrichard3One of the copyright anomalies seems to becoming to an end. The EU has ratified a draft directive that the copyright in musical performances will be extended from 50 to 70 years. In addition, if a record label fails to offer a record to the public insufficient quantities then the draft directive allows for the rights to revert to the performer.

There has been a sustained campaign to make this change. Many musical performances from the 1960s were at risk of falling out of copyright and as some of these performers now face their dotage they wish for the royalties to continue and serve as a pension.

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copyright3USA Copyright Termination Laws make Record Companies wish Artists would Funk Off.

Whoever drafted the 1976 US Copyright Act must have taken the Who’s lyric “I hope I die before I get old” a little too literarily. The law came into effect on 1January 1978 and under its terms once 35 years has elapsed the author of a song can reclaim the ownership of their recordings from the record companies to which they were assigned. The trouble for the record companies is there are many writers and composers who have not exited stage left at the age of 27 like Kurt Kurbain and Jimi Hendrix.

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bucks3Eurovision song contest winners battle for the right to use pop group’s original name

Just over 30 years ago a British pop group called Bucks Fizz won the Eurovision Song Contest with a song called Making Your Mind Up. The annual Eurovision Song Contest started in 1950s and is organised by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) with various European countries submitting an entry and then the different countries vote who should win. Its greatest claim to fame is that it brought Abba to the forefront when they won their Waterloo in Brighton, Sussex in 1974. However, the song contest has taken on a more political tone, and the concept of Europe expanded to include over the years Israel, Russia and with the dominance of the BRIC countries no doubt Brazil or China will compete in this “European” competition.

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Although Egypt is in the midst of political unrest and uncertainty about the momentum of the Arab Spring this has not put a dampener on its quest to develop its intellectual property base.

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www3USA appears to retain control of Internet Assigned Numbers Authority

The management of the Internet domain name system has been gradually become more international and independent from the USA, with the gradual development and evolution of Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). One area where the USA has maintained control has been the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) whose function is to make changes to the Internet such as adding or removing websites.

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Could this serve as template for dealing with orphan books?
The EU has seen agreement amongst key stakeholders upon what could be a ground breaking set of rules to deal with out of print books and journals. A Memorandum of Understanding whose signatories include International Federation of Reproduction Rights Organisation , European Federation of journalists, European Writers Council and Conference of European National Librarians.

The Memorandum is considered a first as it deals with out of print publications and involves a broad range of stakeholders.  Previously, there had been issues relating to finding common ground with rights owners or holders but these issues have been overcome.

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USPatentUS President Obama too a major step in modifying US Patent Law when on 16 September 2011 he signed off on the America Invents Act, and confusingly also known as Patents Reform Act 2011, thus taking steps to harmonise with European patent law.

Previously US patent law was quite distinct from its European counterpart but the changes  particularly in respect of defining whether an invention is deemed novel enough to merit patent status.

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globalinnovation3The Press is dominated by the ups and downs of the World Stocks Exchanges and whether continuing falls in share prices mark future recession or sluggish growth. Understanding the stock exchange is something of a black science, and at times influenced by irrational factors such as fear, greed or who is winning the cricket.

The share prices reflected on a stock market are meant to be a barometer of a country’s economic performance and confidence in the economy.

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keepcalm3Whether it is on tea towels, mugs, posters the ubiquitous slogan “Keep Calm and carry On” has become a decorative feature of many homes and desks.

The wartime slogan has been trademarked by business man Mark Coop in order to prevent other using the words and the accompanying George VI slogan. Mr Coop has obtained a European trademark stopping other using the familiar words.

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