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Media Financing

media cloudsOur core objective at BluePencilSet is to facilitate the financing of quality independent film and television projects. Typically our target market are projects up to £5m (five million pounds), of which we will finance a participation of up to 50%.

The financing of projects is often a complex one, and not without its risks - it really is a labour of love!

We approach the financing in 2 ways:-

- sourcing directly the investor(s) for a specific project. We have developed extensive contacts for this purpose
- by the creation of a specific investment structure for investors into which we place a slate of projects ranging from documentaries to feature films. The philosophy is akin to a normal investment fund where you have some investments which have a lower risk and others with a higher risk coupled with differing tenures. Film and television projects have differing risks and timescales. For example a documentary will typically cost less and can be produced in a shorter period so the payback will be sooner, compared with a feature film which will take longer. Our portfolios are structured to take account of this with the aim of giving the right balance between risk and reward

Before undertaking the financing we place emphasis on
- the creative value
- the commercial potential
- the due diligence of the parties involved
- a thorough assessment of the budgets
- the sales potential Investment is aimed at high or ultra high net worth investors only, looking for alternative investment opportunities, and something different, to add to their existing portfolios

If you would like further information on our production portfolios, and the opportunity to become an investor please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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