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eye productionAt BluePencilSet the production side has developed out of our desire to make high quality creative and commercial independent feature film and television projects. Some will be our own but we also work with a carefully chosen group of professionals to develop their projects.

We are often asked if we focus on a particular genre - the simple answer is that we do not. If the project feels right for our portfolio then together with our experienced and talented partners we will turn an idea into reality.

The production of for example a film can be a long process before the final result is screened. Of course the aim is to get that finished product to the widest possible audience, but the process which leads to this is an interesting,often complex process, and some would say a magical one. Through our website and our magazine Blue Pencil we aim to provide insight into this world, and bring you access to the production process by featuring the various stages, and giving access to those involved in front and behind the cameras.

For our investors there are added benefits including access to the sets and premieres.

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